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Respiratory Therapy at Satilla Regional Medical Center is dedicated to pulmonary health — that is, the ability to breathe and move oxygen effectively through our bodies. Respiratory Care Services has both a fully qualified staff and a specialized array of equipment and technology for diagnosing and treating lung disorders and breathing problems.

Where Are We?
Respiratory Services is located within the hospital on the third floor. We treat both inpatients at the hospital and outpatients referred by their physicians. If you are coming to us as an outpatient, you should report to outpatient admissions at the hospital first and you will then be directed to our area.

Who Are We?
The Respiratory Department at Satilla Regional is nationally recognized as a "Quality Respiratory Care Department" by the American Association for Respiratory Care. Respiratory Care Services is staffed by respiratory therapists who are nationally certified and registered, as part of the process of making certain you receive the most professional standard of care. The respiratory therapists and support staff work closely with the pulmonologists and other referring physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory problems.

Our resources include a Blood Gas Lab which is staffed continuously; a Pulmonary Function Lab, which operates from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays to perform scheduled lung tests; and the Sleep Lab, which operates Monday through Thursday nights.

What Do We Do?
The scope of our services is wider than you probably realize. In addition to diagnosing and treating problems of the respiratory system, we work with patients who require education about their breathing problems or who must manage an ongoing respiratory condition. Though many people don’t realize the respiratory connection, we also diagnose and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders in our Sleep Lab.

Even patients who are being treated for problems unrelated to the respiratory system are assisted by Respiratory Care Services. For example, surgery patients and trauma patients may be at risk of respiratory problems due to their conditions, and we are actively involved in preventing pulmonary complications in these patients, as well as managing airways for patients who are unable to support their own airways.

For more information about Respiratory Care Services, call (912) 287-2707.

To schedule appointments ordered by your physician, call (912) 338-6406.