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The Food and Nutrition Services Department at Satilla Regional oversees food and meal preparation for patients in the hospital. Registered dietitians contribute to the patient`s treatment plan by recommending which hospital diet to prescribe. The meals are balanced and personalized with regard to patient preferences and intolerances/allergies. Registered dietitians may instruct hospitalized patients on diet and monitor the effectiveness of the nutrition care plan. Patients discharged from the hospital may receive follow-up diet consultation on an outpatient basis.

Nutrition Consultation
For individuals seeking lifestyle changes through diet and exercise, the Food and Nutrition Services Department offers private counseling. These one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian provide nutritional advice for a variety of needs, including weight control, diabetes management, cardiac rehabilitation and healthy eating. Persons seeking private nutritional consultation receive individualized healthy recipes and learn how to plan healthy meals.

A physician referral is required for insurance purposes. Medicare covers diabetic patients and patients with renal disease. It is recommended that persons interested in private nutritional consultation check with their insurer to determine their coverage.

Nutritional consultation is offered at the Health & Wellness Center, Monday - Friday, 9:00am-4pm.

To learn more about private nutritional consultations or to make an appointment, call (912) 287-4271.